Power core 5000mah or Astro E1 5200mah

Can anyone plz suggest, I am confused. which one to buy, Power core 5000mah or Astro E1 5200mah ? Which one is more powerful ?

personally I prefer the astro series, its nice having the built in flashlight. Also it has more mAh meaning it has more battery for your devices. I own an Astro e5 and have never had a problem with it, consider prices, your budget and what you need it for.

The Astro E1 is a 1A input. The Powercore 5000 is a 2A input. So the Powercore 5000 will recharge faster.


“3. How long will it take to fully recharge PowerCore 5000?
It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge using a 2A wall charger.”

“What kind of wall charger should I use to charge the Astro E1 5200mAh external battery?
You can safely recharge your Astro in 4-5 hours using a 1 amp or higher output charger. Lower output chargers (such as phone chargers) will not charge as quickly or safely.”


Not true on your statement of relative capacity

The cells are different voltage.

The Powercore 5000 is 19.25Wh. The Astro E1 is 19.24Wh.

So actually the 5000 has more energy slightly than the Astro.

Inside the power bank is a DC-DC buck boost converter which makes a steady 5V output from a slowly decline internal cell voltage, it steps up the voltage from the cells usual 3.6V-4.2V so what really matters is the total energy which is the cell voltage x mah.

You cannot simply look at mah and conclude your claim.


Waaaaoooooo thank you so much, nice explanation, so power core is little advanced, so I’l go for it.

Wow! I didn’t know the Astros had a built-in flashlight!

yeah most older style batteries did but then mobiles got their camera flashes enabled as easy torches so then the habit fell out of importance.