Power Core+ 26800 not charging

I recently purchased this power bank . I had already bought the Anker Power Port 5 previously and I am trying to charge it with this . The circular lights go all the way around, again and again without stopping at the charge level it has inside ( one light ) . After a long time it’s not charging .
I tried a cable charger combo from a Sony smartphone ( with much smaller Watts outage than the Anker ) and that worked once ( the very first charge of the power bank ) and charged it , very slowly but did charge it .
Now for the second charge of the power bank, neither the Power Port 5 , nor the Sony charger are charging it. The same indication , the lights go around but don’t stop at the level of charge inside .

The lights will continue to go around until that cell percentage is charged and it will continue to do so until the battery pack is fully charged. You may feel like 1 light should be lit up, but unless that cell percentage is properly charged it will light up all the lights until it is.
How long have you left it to charge? Given the size if the batterypack your looking at 8 to 10 hours to fully charge

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If you think the powerbank is faulty is to contact Anker at support@anker.com and they will offer you a replacement for the product. Ankers amazing customer service is known to many people as they offer customer friendly help and ways to resolve your issue.


Update : Is charging now but veeeery slowly taking over 40 hours to fully charge …

Get a power delivery charger and a USB-C to USB-C cable to right proper charge this batterypack at the most efficient charging speed and rate

You are using a inefficient charger.
You might get a more powerful one and you will be satisfied!