Power core 20000

My power core 20000 is not charging is it defective ?

I always purchase anker because they are the best but I think I got a lemon.

Bottom light blinks, I have changed chargers , it’s been 16 hrs , just changed the charger again, and a new usb outlet.

Any other ideas ? I need this for my work phone for hurricane Dorian,

What is the specs of the charger you are using? Please report the specs in terms if Volts and amps…it should be something like 5v 1a or whatever it says.
Also which powercore 20000 do you have? Some require a quick charger, others a PD charger or one that just has a higher power output.

Model A1269 , the cord is one I’ve used before , it’s what I charge my Samsung , there is no specs on it.

Great news for me , it finally went to the second light blinking …

Thanks for the help

As I have stated many times before, the samsung adaptive chargers are not sufficient to properly charge these large battery packs. They are only adaptive fast chargers for phones but not other devices, as such it reverts to the slowest charging speed. Hence why it is taking so long to charge, your best bet would be to get a wall plug that outputs at least 5v 2.5a.

As tank said,

Big piwerbamks need big chargers… Simples