Power cord for the new iPad pro with usbC

What would be the recommended cord for the 2020 apple iPad pro which now has the usb C instead of lightening. Looking for rapid charging. I also want to know if the PD chargers are compatible?

A quick check on the specs show a 18W PD charge input the supplied charger is 18W but it supports 30W. The quality of cable matter based on the voltage they settle on, e.g. 9V needs a better cable than 15W.

So if you are happy with a shorter cable then almost anything modern can handle that, and pick on price.

If you want a longer cable then it has to be thick to get as much of the 18W 30W from charger to tablet possible and so I’d suggest getting the thicker type.


Notice it’s price, so spend time thinking if 3ft cable is enough, then say 3ft of this would suffice


The iPad pro has the unusual combination of a relatively large size and a relatively weak power supplied input, it will need a good cable, but if it does support 15W then a wider range of cable lengths will work.


iPad Pro supports up to 30W PD, so this would charge it at the fastest speed possible.


And as @professor said, here’s a compatible 3’ cable.


Or there’s this if you want to go ultra premium and 6’.



I have this one and it is super sturdy! I use it as a spare to charge my Macbook Pro with a 60w GaN charger.

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I love the Powerline+ cables definitively worth every second of charging.

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