Power camera for timelapse with anker?

Any thoughts on powering a camera for timelapse/interval shooting with anker batteries? Ideally I could set my rig up early in the morning and interval shoot over a long period of time leveraging the large capacity battery and not run out of camera battery.

Might be helpful info: Primary camera is a fuji x-t1 body.

This would be awesome. I would love to do a very long timelapse.

Some cameras you can charge the battery using a usb cable while using the camera. So you could simply plug the USB cable into the camera and a powerbank, keeping your camera charged for hours probably.

I’ve heard of them being used like that, yes. As long as the voltage is right you should be fine for at least a day with a 26800 PoweCore.

Yes I’d think it would work very well. Bigger the battery the longer could go.

A 26800 could last possibly weeks?

Issue is theft, animals, the weather, etc.