Power Bank turns off

I have a new powercore 13000 C and when charging devices it just stops charging after a while.
If I press the button on the side it will start charging again.
The reason I bought this was so that I can charge my phone at festivals when sleeping.
Is there a solution, it’s a design flaw or my device in faulty?

Also it takes hours to fully charge and charges my phone very slowly.
My phone has a 4000mah battery and I’m not sure it will charge it twice let alone 3 times

Please make sure the Powercore 13000 is fully charged - takes 7-8 hours to fully charge using a 2A wall charger.

Make sure to use the cable which came with your phone to charge with this Powercore PB. Also if it is iPhone, make sure to use Original or MFi certified cable. If it still does not charge, try a different charging cable between PowerCore 13000 and your phone.

Email Anker Support at support@anker.com for further support if this doesn’t fix the issue.


I agree with Shenoy, make sure it is fully charged. If that doesn’t work you could do a reset, if I am correct you can do this by plugging the powerbank into itself.

What devices are you trying to charge that turn off after a while? If the detected power draw drops below a certain threshold then yes the batterypack will turn off.

Also, if your trying to use a USB-C to USB-C cable to charge your device then that is why its turning off as this only had a USB-C input and does not output power via this port

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It is fully charged.
I’m not sure why you’re suggesting to use the original cable and then a different cable.
It’s not an iPhone and I’ve used the cable the phone came with, the cable that came with the power bank and various other cables

I’m using a regular usb to usb c, the cable supplied and also the same type of cable that came with my phone.
It stops charging my phone, my mp3 player and anything else that I’ve used before they are fully charged.

I’m not trying to charge from the usb c port as that is only for charging the power bank

I would strongly suggest you to Email Anker Support at support@anker.com for further support.

They will provide resolution steps, to speed up I suggest you record a video of what is happening and send it to Anker support. Also keep your purchase receipt handy, if asked.

cheers, i’ll try them now

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Great! Do keep us posted, please share the steps the support provides and final result,

Best of luck :+1:

Yes I have exactly the same issue. I have emailed support and hope for a speedy resolution as I need it for next Friday :frowning: