Power bank slow charging and fast draining

Hi All,

I’ve a power bank a year ago, and it served me very well, but it stayed unused for a while and now it recharges very slowly and drains so fast.

Is there a way to fix this issue ?


The most common failure item is the cable, the resistance increases with use, age, and so older cable slows recharging Powercore and older cable burns as heat to your device so drains the Powercore faster.

Check cables, try different, first.

Then rarer issues try after.

Try a different charger, these less commonly fail than cables.

Sometimes the Powercore gets confused about its charge state. Do a reset. Connect the input and output and press hold power button.

Finally is then its possible a dud unit under warranty. If it falls under the warranty rules, you bought from authorised seller, and is under 18months, then email support@anker.com quoting order details and serial number (usually printed in v.small print on the item).

Try different cables, different chargers.
Often this helps.

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Use a different chargers, most times it does the trick