Power bank shuts off before phone is 100%

The power bank shuts off before my iphone8 is fully charged.

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I have also same issue please help if anyone.

Is the powerbank depleted?

@roydontilley Which model of power core are you using? It’s possible (depending on model/size) that you have run out of power before the iPhone has finished charging.

The power bank is fully charged. I have the powercore essential 20000 PD and the Powercore 13000. Both will not charge the iPhone 8 to 100%. I plugged the iPhone 8 into the powercore 20000 last night at 70% and when I checked it this morning it was only 79%. And absolutely the powercore is showing 4 blue dots which is fully charged. This is happening on both powercores.

So the common factor here seems to be the iPhone and cable used if both power cores are giving the same behaviour and both are capable size wise of charging an iPhone 8.

Have you tried an alternate cable for charging? It can also be worth hard reseting your iPhone.

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How do you guys know the power bank is fully charged before attempting to charge your phones?

They mentioned the dot indicators were at full. You could try resetting the power bank to see if that resolves it.

You are right, hope they got it figured it out by now