Power bank life cycle

What is the usual life cycle of Anker power banks?
I am looking for Anker power core(lightest power bank) 10000mah

Hi @muhammad_bilal,
Lithium ion batteries are typically given a conservative estimate of 500 cycles (0% to 100% charge cycles). At that point, the battery will still work, but its capacity will be around 80% of the initial rating. So – assuming you would not need to completely discharge and recharge the power bank every day – you would get a few years of use out of your power bank before its ability to hold a charge would be reduced significantly.


Thanks. Much appreciated

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As per @TechnicallyWell said about 500 deep cycles so its more like 1000 partial cycles. So how long it lasts is a function of how much you use it. The lipstick type size which are popular because they are smaller capacity are going to tend to experience more deep cycles because their small capacity necessarily tends to empty them, so would be expected to last in the 2 years period. The bigger ones like you use less often and being larger tend to not experience a deep cycle so often, will tend to last longer. The bigger ones which are stored will also last longer if they are stored 60% charged, then fully charged before use, so help ensure the higher cost of the larger powerbanks produce the maximum useful life.

Also what happens slowly over time is your device’s internal battery which the powerbank recharges, has slowly diminishing capacity so as the device (say mobile phone) ages (towards 2 years) it needs an external powerbank more often. That Powerbank will also be slowly dimishing its capacity over time so an older device with older powerbank will become less viable over time but an older device with a newer powerbank is a good combination.

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As a general rule of thumb LiPO batteries degrade 10% per year. Even when sitting in a drawer completely Idol. They should be charged and discharged once a month to maintain the battery cells.

I know all the technical answers of charging cycles, etc… but… I still have/use my trusty old Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12800mAh which I purchased through Amazon December 2013. It still works and holds enough charge to re-charge my phone about 3 times.

My wife also has an Anker 2nd Gen Astro3 12800mAh purchased July 2014. She uses her’s for her iPad and iPhone… still holds enough charge for her to not ask me for a new one yet. And for the last year+ she has been flying around the country for work, taking/using her Anker in the airports/airplanes, on Cub Scout camping trips (since I am unable to camp), etc.

If you go by the “technical info” these batteries should be degrading, but they still work great.

That being said, I did get a few other Anker power packs since then. Just different capacities and features since I was traveling more and upgraded phones… I have some like the PowerCore 20100 for capacity (longer trips, or used in Disney Parks when on vacation)… PowerCore+ 10050 for QC support, and a PowerCore Mini+ 3350 for discrete on the go charging…

But my wife still uses her’s, and other than our last trip to Disney World, just to play it safe, hasn’t borrowed any of mine. On that trip, my son used my Astro3 on the plane, and our friend (who met us down there) used my Astro3 in the parks.

I believe that Anker offers the highest quality cells at very competitive prices. Glad to hear that you’re as happy with Anker as I am. They are quickly becoming the only other electronic company besides Samsung that I deal with or purchase from.

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You are correct that Lithium cells age when not in use. The aging is related to the temperature stored.

In addition they age with use related to how deep is the cycle. That usage based aging is also a function of temperature in use.

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