Power Bank comparison

How does the Anker PowerCore Fusion 5000 Powerbank match up to the Tzumi Pocket Juice Solo 4000mAh ? I own 1 of both in addition to 2 Tzumi Pocket Juice 2000mAh Powerbannks.

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I don’t own any Tzumi powerbank, but considering you’re on an anker forum, I think most people will say anker. Just because everyone here loves anker so much!

I would recommend the powercore 5000. It’s very good powerbank, and worth every dollar!

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Lol… I think most would say Anker… I have the Powercore fusion 5000 and love it. I also bought the Hermit Shell travel case for it from Amazon

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Oh, I didn’t realize you said powercore fusion. I just thought you just meant the regular powercore 5000. You should make a review on it here on the community for me to read :grin:

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I too thought Powercore 5000
On that topic there is a product that I kind of like more than Powercore 5000
Its Thrunite C2, it has flexibility to remove the 18650 cell and replace it as you go. I have this and it is awesome. I can just carry a few 18650 and I’m all set for extended trips. It can output 5V, 3A.


nice info, thanks for the insight!

That’s quite cool.