Power bank 20100

I think I read that I can’t charge my new 20100 power bank with my Samsung fast charger. They mean the one that came with my Samsung note 6?

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Hey @shaggybirdman great to see you on the forum.
I’m not sure why you couldn’t, although I don’t know the spec of the Samsung Charger.
On Ankers site it states 5w 2amp input for your PowerCore so perhaps a higher output charger could cause harm.
Although I charge my PowerCore 10000 with a 30w charger and it’s been fine for months!
If you can spend some time here and take a look around. There’s lots of good information, helpful long-standing members and some awesome giveaways.
Hope to see you at round the threads. :wave:t2:

The charger that comes with the note 6 is an adaptive charger that unless the device tells it to, it will revert to the slowest charging speed. Hence why its not recommended to be used tk charge the powerbank