Possibly getting Eufy Doorbell

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So I’m interested in getting the Eufy Doorbell. I know people have typical connection issues here and there, but my main question is, does the Eufy doorbell have the same range issues that eufy cam does? I live in a townhouse, and the modem/router is on the same floor as the front door, but at the other end of the house. It’s not all that big, but wondering if I would encounter issues and possibly need a wifi extender to have adequate signal to it.

thanks for the help in advance

That depends on what the townhouse is made out of (wood, steel,concrete,stucko, walls) and how far is it from the Homebase? And as for wifi extenders eufy uses the Homebase not wifi.

Wierd, when I was reading the info for the video doorbell, it said it connected to the 2.4ghz wifi. Is that not correct?



I infer you mean the wireless one.


I’m seeing


And mention of Homebase.

So that informs me it is NOT wifi to the doorbell itself, they are using a non-Wifi 2.4Ghz between doorbell and the base, the base then connects to Wifi or Ethernet.

So an extender does not apply between the router and the doorbell, it applies between the router and the homebase.

So given your concerns you could simply place the homebase mid-way between router and doorbell. Or if that does not work, then use a network extension method to get the homebase nearer to the doorbell.

Network extension:

  • Wifi extender. Router - extender - base - 2.4Ghz - doorbell.
  • old router in bridge mode Router ----- old router … doorbell
  • Powerline. Router - Powerline - house electrical cabling - Powerline - base - 2.4Ghz - doorbell.

If you stick to radio signals, so router - Wifi - base, base - 2.4Ghz - doorbell, you can place the base to have as near to line of sight, or non-concrete objects between them.

A good debugging tool is use a Wifi analyzer on your phone and walk around and find a path for the radio to not have to pass through thick walls.

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You should probably move your router closer to the Eufy doorbell

My bad, I didn’t specify. I meant the hard-wired one. But thank you for the info. I will look over that and see if the battery powered would be better.