Possible sound bud slim advertising error

Maybe I am looking at this wrong or didn’t get enough sleep but all the advertisements for the new sound bud slims have a note stating minimum charger output current to be less than 100mA. When I try to understand this line I get confused. Minimum less than 100 could be zero could it not? What do you think they meant to say? :thinking:

I could be wrong (only had a single coffee so far today) but I believe they are saying that most portable chargers cannot charge the SoundBud range as they require a charge output source capabale of less than 0.1 amps, whereas most portable chargers require at least a 1 amp minimum device connected so they know something has been connected to charge…

Wall chargers and PC USB ports don’t need a minimum amp for a connected device as they will not encounter power saving, they will just try to charge to the connected devices maximum ability

If that makes sense…

Thanks bud, That makes perfectly good sense and I didn’t think of that. I am not sure I would have said “most chargers” . I just did a test with my Drok meter and every charger/battery pack/computer, 16 devices in my house and was able to charge with every one of them and they all registered an output into the earbuds of 80 mA with the buds at about 90%. I did not check any of my car chargers, too cold out today, and did not check any hard wired adapters as I don’t have a means to check them.

Dude, here’s https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.motordata.obd app for the future use. It’ll make many of your troubles just go away. I’m using it in order not to take my car to the service every time I have a trouble.