Possible Interference with PowerConf S3 Bluetooth Use

I purchased the Anker PowerConf S3 for weekly use with a small group breakfast/Bible study. One of our member has moved to Florida and we are trying to remain connected vis FaceTime. During the meeting my PowerConf S3 is connected via BlueTooth to my iPhone SE 2020 which is connected to our missing member via FaceTime over cellular network. Both devices have been confirmed to have the latest firmware.
During our conversations BOTH participants (individual in Florida & the PowerConf S3 speaker) hear a clicking & popping in the background. It has no noticeable pattern and cannot be isolated to one participant or the other…we both hear it. It is very distracting and can get to the point where the conversation is almost impossible. It does not happen every week and some weeks are better than others. A few times the interference was not noted.
Tests performed at home with the same devices ( including the individual in Florida) did not experience the same issue. What is causing this & how do I correct it?

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You will get an answer if possible at the forum by other members or by the support.


@dccraven Have you updated PowerConf S3 to latest firmware version? If not, please update to latest version using Soundcore App.

there is also possibility of the clicking coming due to Facetime. Clicking / Crackling sound on Facetime is nothing new, and keeps happening.

Can you please confirm the below:

  • Have you tried Facetime on WiFi Network?
  • Tried the Facetime without PowerConf.?

I personally don’t think it may be an issue with PowerConf but might be something with IPhone and Facetime.

Do try to upgrade the PowerConf to latest firmware and also write a note to Anker Support support@anker.com with the above details.