Possibility of making external SSD's and hard drives?

Hey Anker team,

Is there a possibility of you guys making a line of SSD’s, hard drives, and other storage devices? I think this would be a great way for you to expand and I would definitely be buying one from you guys! If you do, just make sure that Mac Time Machine is able to be used with it!

I’ve suggested it before, but I wanted it incorporated with there hybrid powerbank. That would be sweet

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Have the Anker SATA to USB 3.0 cable so I would definitely be interested in a SSD / HDD caddie…as for a full NAS solution, I think they would struggle there against the likes of Synology & QNAP.

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I like Anker to make an All-in-one… Powerbank + Docking station/charger + hard drive+ wireless charger + USB hub + card reader
I just browsed through some crazy stuff on Kickstarter which can do pretty much all above and beyond.
They don’t have to re-invent SSD/eMMC anyway as they can use one that already exising.

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While that would be a cool concept, I am honestly not sure how practical it is to have all of those things in one device

IMHO it’s very practical. That would be so perfect for me personally

I want something like that!

A few of Anker’s competitors have some great all-in-one tools such as file hub, wifi router, charger, and card readers. I love mine and use it all the time.

Love the all-in-one idea.
Maybe a 'build-your-own" SSD by supplying just a connection to add an optional SSD stick?
Could it also add fast drive space to an iPad with plug-in connection?