Portable Charger for MacBook Pro 2016 with tb

Do anker have any products can charge a MBP 2016 w/ TB? The closest product i can find is the Anker PowerCore+ 26800 PD with 27W PD which deliver 30W via USB-C but MB is rated at 60W. I’ve heard anker is working on a product which can charge MBP at full speed but when is the product going to be released? Because i’ll be needing a portable charger for MBP this July/Aug. Should I get PowerCore+ or wait?

Consider proactive plugging in less than full power portable charger when you start a long usage sat down period.

Full power at the maximum power will come with a downside, such a monster of a battery will necessarily be larger, heavier and more expensive.

You probably will find say a 30W battery will be just fine, it will perform somewhere between slowing a discharge to significantly usefully extend MPB battery life, to recharging whilst your aren’t using it