Portable battery for iPhone and Apple Watch

Here’s an out-of-the-box idea: a portable wireless charger capable of charging an iPhone and an Apple Watch. It’s been under work by AT&T:

Interesting concept, though I’m not crazy about the name… Also, 3000mAh for both devices seems a little low - probably to favour portability.

You can read more about it here: AT&T planning 2-in-1 ‘Power Drum’ Apple Watch & iPhone wireless charger with integrated battery - 9to5Mac and here AT&T portable battery will charge both your Apple Watch and iPhone | Engadget

Makes me wonder if/when Anker will release a portable wireless charger of their own.


I hope they decide to do something like this :+1:t2:

Would be something I’d buy

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With gallium nitride, this now seems much more likely. Perhaps something we’ll see at CES. However, I wouldn’t expect an imminent release given the Atom delay.

@nigelhealy, thoughts on possible efficiency improvements with GaN?


Saw an ad on Instagram earlier for an iPhone charging case that could also charge an Apple Watch. It had one of the “charging pads” for the watch (don’t know the actual term for them) on the corner opposite the camera.

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I just saw that article tonight. It would be cool with Anker made something like that. I’ve been hoping that Anker would come out with some sort of small charger for the Apple Watch since it came out.


I would love a power bank with a built-in Apple Watch puck. My Apple Watch charger is something I almost always forget to pack when traveling!


That would be Acctually beneficial for me. I hope they release something similar to this.