Portable battery chargers

I am currently looking at buying an Anker portable battery charger and want to make sure I am making a good choice. I am looking to buy one with anywhere 10,000 mAh or above. Please tell me which portable battery charger at or above 10,000 mAh is the best “bang for your buck.”

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What phone are you using. They are all great for Apple products but if you’ve got an android phone there are a few different options depending on your phone spec.

It is all depended on your need. I can list a few criteria for you to choose

  • Type of devices you had or/and plan to have.
  • Fastcharging with QC3, PD or normal one will be fine for you.
  • Device connections (usb C?, how many ports).
  • How portable do you want it to be? (daily traveling or weekly…)

There are many options, the choice is yours, depending on your need.

By far the best is the USB-C 20100, I bought two they are so nice. Wait for a sale like I did and buy it for $50

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I currently use an IPhone 6 and IPad Air 2 daily

Depend’s on how many charges you are wanting to get out of the battery before having to recharge and if weight is an issue, such as if you ever go off grid and Solar is not an option…

For example something like the PowerCore 26800 would enable you to charge your iPhone from flat several times over and the iPad Air 2 around 3 times. With this though you have a higher price and weight than say the PowerCore 13000.

With a Anker PowerCore 13000 you would be able to keep ‘topping’ up your iOS devices mentioned for 2-4 days depending on the use of the devices and/or the current state of their batteries. The weight is good for carrying and the price is about half that of the 26800.

If you are thinking of jumping to a different brand phone and/or tablet shortly the plus series of PowerCores are worth looking into, due to use of fast charge technologies…


I use the Powercore II 20000 with my iPhone 6S and iPad air (1rst gen). and my Gopro, and my laptop and and and. The thing is a beast. I can go for 2-3 days charging all these devices o this one little brick in my bag. It’s amazing. Great for travel!

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Your phone isn’t compatible with QC so don’t pay extra for a feature you won’t be able to even use! Then make your decision on which size you need or how much money you’re willing to spend. All Anker banks are gtg.

I charge my 2017 max book pro with the power core + 20100 USB C