Poor customer service - Problems with Aluminum 3-Port USB 3.0 and Ethernet Hub

I’ve owned this device for about 6 months. It worked fine for a while, but now it causes my computer to reboot whenever I plug it into the USB port. No other USB device does that, so it’s not a problem with the port on the laptop. I have sent 2 emails to customer service, left feedback on Amazon asking for a response, and not received anything at all. I would really appreciate a response - Anker has been great in the past, and I hope the increase in popularity has not affected customer service.

Looking forward to the courtesy of a reply…

Ray, I don’t work for (or anything) Anker, I have had exactly 2 problems with Anker products and in both cases got a reply within a working day. Where you sending your support issue to? I sent mine to support@anker.com and I quoted my order number, in detail what was the problem, photos as applicable. They asked for the serial number, I sent, then they shipped a replacement.

IF you see all the replies (usually from Annie) it is to email support@anker.com.

To reduce the amount of time and iterations, be verbose and very detailed with order number, serial number, possible a photo or in your case a video (plug in cable, computer reboots).

Now I’d challenge your problem, the USB-C hub is a hub plus has Ethernet, so do any of your other devices have similar, i.e. a hub with data and devices? It could be a non-Anker product (drivers) but accept its up to Anker to still reply and help you.

It is a weekend and New Year.

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Nor do I work for Anker in any way but as @nigelhealy touched upon, any dealings I’ve had with Anker customer service have been excellent. I have only ever had one problem, A portable charger where one of the four battery indicator lights did not work. Anker were very quick to reply and send out a replacement. Also, as a good will gesture let me keep the original product (which works fine apart from one led). I can only assume maybe your emails haven’t reached them?

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