Poor camera distance sensitivity!

I am disappointed with my new eufyCam E cameras. They don’t start recording until the subject is at or near the center of their activity zone.

My old Arlo 720p cameras will detect motion at the very edge of their activity zones!

My eufyCams are mounted and aimed in the very same location that my Arlo cameras were.

I have turned the sensitivity of the eufyCams up higher, but that doesn’t help.

Has anybody else experienced this?

I have the same problem with the gen 2 cameras and the worst is it just doesn’t pickup my pets at all even though sensitivity is cranked all the way up and human detection off.

I contacted support and no response.

My $25 Wyze cams pick up motion better. I just wish it didn’t have such a crappy interface, no HomeKit and buggy integration with other services like google assistant which is why I was giving the eufycams a try.

These cameras are so far useless for me, my goal was to put them in the backyard to monitor the pets.

I am new to these cameras, but I have specifically set two of them to detect any motion (I am trying to capture images of stray cats in my neighborhood). With spring “in the air” I can tell you that my cams are triggering constantly from squirrels, birds, etc. I do get the late night visitor captures as well from a raccoon and I think a opossum (too far away at the far edge of the scene to tell). Yes I also get the cats.

Anyway, maybe if you shared your settings we can compare. Again, I purposely have these set to catch any motion for now, and they appear to be working overtime with mating season in full force.

Also, HomeKit has been an option for my Eufy cam 2s for a couple of months now.

I’m finding for me it’s almost imperative that the cameras be set to “Optimal Surveillance” otherwise I don’t get nearly enough sensitivity.

I wish Anker was more transparent about what those options do, even their help link is vague, I have a hunch that the “Optimal Surveilance” setting does more than just change the two slider options (length and retrigger interval).