Poor call quality.

I bought liberty 2 pro. They sound amazing for music. However these somewhat expensive earbuds seem to have really poor call quality? I’ve tried resetting the memory on them too. People tell me in discord it sounds like I have no bass in my voice and I’m talking into a tin can. I connected them to my PC and windows shows they are running “Tape recorder” quality, which cannot be changed to things like cd, DVD, or studio quality like other devices. What’s up? Why is the mic so poor? I saw “clear call cVc 8.0” and had a lot more hope for them on that front. Is there something that can be done? I assumed quad mics would do much better.

Sounds like a Windows setting is at play here…are you using Windows 10? If so make sure under volume playback you have the device selected as headphones over headset, this often improves call quality.

Now that won’t even show as connected in windows. The buds work fine for audio but the mic is shown as disconnected.

My entire point here was to try and see if I could make them work for discord. For some reason on both Android and Windows, the mic quality is extremely low. I have voice recorded myself and they sound amazing on my phone, but discord for some reason changes the codec to some kind of bare minimum quality.

I recorded my voice via the L2P and it sounds amazing. So why is it so bad when used for discord? Call quality is also fine thus far. I noticed music quality sinks when I use discord too. Perhaps the app forces a different Bluetooth profile?

Did you find any resolution? I got the same problem and am thinking about returning the headphones.
“Tape recorder quality” is unacceptable for my meetings. Seems like this is a common problem for most BT headsets.
I am using Windows 10 PC, the latest version.
Any response would be greatly appreciated.

It appears to just be a lack of bandwidth over bluetooth. Using my L2P or my Life Q20 as just headphones both have studio quality. You use the headset portion of them with the mic and the quality dumps. Even with a bluetooth receiver I bought. It’s just hardware limitations I assume and windows has no driver for the L2P.

Thank you for the quick reply. Should I bother to set up Bluetooth 5.0 dongle or it won’t help much?
That’s assuming that I’ll be able to disable the internal Bluetooth 4.0 and activate the dongle (which I can’t so far)…