[Poll] Which Anker Sub-brand do you use the most products with?

  • Anker
  • Soundcore
  • Eufy
  • Roav
  • Nebula

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Anker for me. Eufy is pretty cool too

Anker + Soundcore = :stars:

Mostly Anker’s chargers and cables

Anker and soundcore mostly. I have a few other things from Roav or Eufy, nothing really from nebula, lack of trial or seeing it in person makes it hard to commit versus a tv or projector I can play with in a store (no amount of reviews can replace the visual experience).

Which is why I purchase from Amazon. They have a 30day return policy. On Prime Day I purchased a Nebula Capsule and a Mars to see which one I liked better and would keep. The Mars won and I returned the Capsule.

Glad to know you keep the Mars! Do you that our Nebula website (seenebula.com) offers a 45-Day Money-Back Guarantee? :wink:

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Here we watched the Grinch last night during the huricane power outage
Great picture if I do say so

Guess its just me then. I have always been pretty keen observing motion rates and colors/tints. I have only bought one tv online and even with great reviews the refresh of it irked me. Just a challenge to want to try again. I am the typical guy that plays with a remote in the store readjusting all of the settings the salespeople preloaded to sell the item just see its capabilities.