[POLL] Where Are the Portable Chargers with Multiple USB-C Ports?!

CES 2020 has come and gone. A number of new products were unveiled, but the charging accessories were lacking.

The year is now 2020, and Anker has yet to release a portable charger with more than a single USB-C port.

There are several wall chargers and even a couple of wall chargers with multiple USB-C ports but no portable chargers… Why, @AnkerOfficial?

Not only that, but Anker has yet to announce a PowerCore with PowerIQ 3.0!

Are you ready for portable chargers with multiple USB-C ports? Let your voice be heard by casting a vote in the below poll!

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To me, there is no excuse as to why Anker is falling behind in this area. Can you think of any reason? Be sure to let us know with a reply!


There were some charging accessories - PowerPort III 65W, PowerPort Plug 6, PowerWave II Sense Flex with Hub but units with USB-C were largely missing.

Also, Roav brand was totally absent At CES2020 … Is there nothing new coming from Roav?

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Yeah. My collection of items that charge using USB-C and have power delivery (I hope that’s the right term lol) has been growing. Yesterday I needed to charge 2 things that needed USB-C, but my powertrip 6 PD only had one port, and my Atom III only has one USB-C port. It was a pain that I had to have both out…

I really don’t see why my powerstrip can’t have 2-3 USB-C ports, in addition to several USB-A ports

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I’m in!
I’ve got a PowerPort 5 (no USB-C) and the PowerPort III Mini which is a single USB-C so I’m struggling!
As you can get USB-C cable to just about anything, I would be happy with a PowerPort 5 with 4 USB-C and 1 USB - just in case!

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See, I’m on the other end. I want Anker to release more products without any USB-A ports. They already have so many with them…


Well, SmartCharge T2 just recently released.

I imagine we’ll see some DashCams with USB-C this year.

Maybe a new VIVA?

And perhaps they are preparing to launch another crowdfunding campaign…

@AnkerOfficial, any Roav news?

That would make sense since the current models have been having significant sales lately. They could be trying to get rid a of old stock.

Maybe they’ll launch a bolt that has many needed improvements?

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Should have been very specific… Meant more from CES2020

yes, aware of the Smartcharge T2,

Have Viva, Viva Pro and phone connects to car via BT, so not looking forward to these charger such as Smartcharge T2, though there definitely is a market and audiences for it.

Anker needs to come out with Roav device - may be a DashCam with Lane guidance, some Built-in AI, some alerting option, may be Front / Rear (cover Completely rear view, outside the car) - this is a longest pending request for Dash am to Anker Roav

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Yeah, this could be very useful. But right now I only have 2 devices that are charged by USB-C. However, there are chargers that are thunderbolt and USB-C on the other end, I could use that to charge my phone at the same time. I guess I could actually use that multiple USB-C ports.

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