Poll: Did you upgrade your phone this year?

I skipped my normal yearly phone upgrade for this year and was curious if anyone else did too? I have an iphone X and didnt see any benefit to upgrading even though i’m on that AT&T plan that lets you upgrade every year.

So the poll is: (regardless of iphone or android) Did you upgrade your phone this year?

  • Yes - it was my annual upgrade

  • Yes - my phone was a year older or more

  • No - didnt see a reason to

  • No - I dont partake in the yearly upgrade ritual

  • I lost/broke my phone and had to get a new one

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Number four for me. If it still works the way it should why waste the money on a new one for slightly better specs. :slight_smile:

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Yes. I upgraded to the iPhone XR (don’t judge). I plan to upgrade every two years, because imo it’s the best way.

I don’t usually upgrade every year, since I buy the phone on contract so I have to wait a for the contract to be over or pay the phone’s remaining price before upgrading. That said, unless there are some big changes coming this year - which I doubt - or that I have a big income increase by year end - which I hope - I won’t be upgrading this year when my contract ends. I’m on an iPhone 8.

Plus, a little tip for @bill_rae and others on creating polls: https://meta.discourse.org/t/how-to-create-polls/77548


4 for me. I don’t usually upgrade every year.
@tiagomota that’s a very good tip :thumbsup: @bill_rae why don’t you update your content to look like a real poll survey so easy for everyone?


Not using phone, no upgrade! :joy:


This is better :joy:

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#4 for me too.
I use a factory unlocked iPhone on an MVNO network (prepaid) for till the phone dies.
Used iPhone 4S (32 GB) on Straight talk from 2012-2017 and now have iPhone SE (128 GB) on xfinity mobile (since 2017).
Paid $45 per month on ST and now pay $12/month for 2 lines (total). Great deal :grinning:


Wow that’s real cheap! how good is the ST service? they must be using one of the big 3 towers?

Yes ST uses all the available big 3 towers. They can provide you with a sim as per your needs. I used Verizon sim since other service signals suck big time at my home. xfinitymobile also uses Verizon towers so its the best.

But honestly, how did you get it down to $12/month for 2 lines :dizzy_face:

xfinitymobile for their customers who has xfinity internet service through comcast provides free talk and text (unlimited) and you can pay the data as you go. there are 2 tiers, $12 per gig or $45 unlimited.
And this data when paid per gig can be shared upto 5 lines per account.
So for 2 lines that I have we share the data which comes to $12 per month (each extra gig cost another $12). xfinity also provides free wifi where ever xfinity wifi or cable wifi is available (and its available at a lot of places). I rarely exceed 0.7 or 0.8 GB data per month.

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I was alway tied into a 2 year contract so I always ended up going for the S versions of iPhones.

Stopped at the 6s (had 7 for a while but downgraded for more storage) for a while and got Xs last year.

So number 4 for me

2- After a bit over 2 years.

You need to add one more option 6. No - still time on contract for phone (iPhone) upgrade, I will have to wait out for some more time to upgrade, hopefully Apple has some thing good lined up then

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@kumar.sachin thanks for sharing. Too bad we don’t have this type of plans in Canada.

I got a decent deal on a Galaxy S9+ during the Black Friday sales, so it was hard to not upgrade from my S7. Only ran me $300 after everything was said and done and I am beyond happy that I did it when I had the chance to.

Thats awesome. Upgrading when a great deal presents itself is good. I also upgraded when there was a deal to get unlocked iPhone SE (128 GB) for $99 and thats exactly what I did to upgrade from iPhone 4S

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nope didnt upgrade.

3.- For me, iPhone X, Did not make sense to upgrade the phone.

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