[POLL] Best Display technology?

  • LCD / OLED wall screens
  • projectors
  • laptops / larger tablets
  • phones / smaller tablets
  • Chromecast / Roku / Firestick types
  • headup display VR types

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With the Nebula Capsule dropping price, on the back of the Nebula Mars, both in my view good starts and will get better over time but poor value today in 2018, it makes me think what you ye’all see as the future and your preference.

Most of us can buy online / shops LCD TVs with HDMI and “smart” capabilities, augmented with HDMI ports, and we have PCs with larger screens, down through tablets, phones and some can place phones into headsets to also get 3D for VR.

Do you think projectors are the best answer to seeing?

Do you think smart glasses like Google Glass will become so good you’d put one of them on to get a good visual experience (which can be focused to suit the eye to overcome eye vision defects as we become an aging population in the West).

Do you actually still sit as a family and watch the same screen together? That is a rarer event now with everyone having laptops / TVs in many more places than the 1970s era

So here are the options:

Big screens

Pros: can be made bright. The heat is spread out so they dont need fans and you can use with large good quality speakers. Good for larger social joint watching, like sports, family films.

Cons: needs a large surface. Not portable at all.


Pros: portable, can be “dismantled”.
Cons: noisier, not very bright, worse sound.

Large computers:

Pros: high performance, on your lap. Cons: can be expensive and personally I am always nervous spilling food+drink and dropping them as heavy with that big display to crack.

Smaller computer like tablets

Pros: portable, tend to be sturdy survive a drop well, up to 10" can be quite cheap.
Cons: phones are getting larger and pulling the purpose of tablets away.

Or just use your phone? A lot of millenials seem to be happy with this option usually because they have younger better eyes

Or head up displays

Pro: portable. Con: right now super expensive for little gain. Eventually should become very good. As projecting nearer to the eye it can make a bright image without as much energy.

Do you prefer “smart” TVs or just use a dongle like a Chromecast on a “dumb” screen?

In our case we have:

  • phones each

  • two have laptops 13" screen

  • two have tablets 10" size

  • two TVs each with Chromecast

  • one person has phone + large LCD + Chromecast

  • one has phone + 10" tablet + 13" laptop

  • one has a phone + large PC

  • one has phone, small tablet, large tablet, laptop and LCD with Chromecast

Going forward I do prefer the idea of a head-up display, smart glasses or even eventually a smart set of contact lens or direct neural transmitter, because I want to stay as light and portable while connected possible.

I restricted the choice to up to 3 so you don’t pick all of them but express some kind of preference so we can see if there’s any pattern.


Good post!

Personally, I think each device can give people a different viewing experience. It can satisfy our need in different scenarios.

If I only want to watch movie alone, I think the laptop or even the phone screen can satisfy me, it is so convenient!

But sometimes, I really like family reunion, or call some friends come to my home. So I think the projector can meet our needs of watching movie at home. I especially like to watch movies in a dark and comfortable environment.:sweat_smile:

So I’m hardly to say what kind of equipment is better, cos they meet different needs.:grin:


You can’t beat the TV for screen/picture quality and phone for ultra portability and personal viewing. Just pop in your headphones, hit play and the world can do one for a bit.

I only use my Apple TV for Netflix and airplay really.


I like oled screens but long term use shows screen image burn in even if not stationary on a skngle screen . Just nature of the beast, but I also like Google glasses as it suits my techy needs without having to be confined to one area or space and I can use it on the go discreetly.

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Good post @nigelhealy . They all have there pro’s and con’s but not much can beat an old fashioned LCD or laptop for me (at the moment) :smile:


Those short through laser projectors are nice!

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Yes lasers pointed into eye means there is no focus so can correct many vision issues.

I don’t need glasses but I do use glasses when riding bike to keep debris out so if they could display I can see using on flights. It does get crowded.

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That’s seems the most popular

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something like this


Good topic! I definitely prefer an LCD TV, but if someone else in the house is watching something on it, I don’t mind watching on my iPad instead. Watching on my tablet definitely keeps my attention better as I’m less prone to check my phone, etc.


Shows why size matters. That big bright light needs a big projector

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I’m nearly always doing 2 or 3 things at once. If I do attempt to watch something I’m pausing and jumping around. One reason probably why I burn through more videos when offline on flights. My 8" tablet has 200Gb storage.

For versatility, the screens on cell phones are the best mainly because most are standard 4k now and even touch screen. Though I am more for LCD phone screens than the AMOLED just because of the ghosting issues associated. Laptops and large tablets would be second for me simply because I can take whatever I am looking at and cast it directly to a tv through a variety of means. The versatility here is also great. But by far the best is a TV, it has and always is the king of viewing. Once it is up, unless it breaks you have a stationary window to anything you can imagine.

VR is nice, but you typically still need another medium like a game system or smartphone, while projectors are great but you would need to specially finish a wall in order to utilize it to its maximum potential. (special paint, room lighting considerations, etc)

I actually prefer my plasma TV for all around performance but it is very power hungry. My second choice would be lcd or led

Me too. I find that watching anything on a tv, keeps my attention moreso then on a computer, iPad, or phone. But I have known to lay in bed with my iPad, watching Netflix while the hubby is watching his show on the bedroom tv. The only time I really use my phone to watch something is if I’m out and watching at a doctor’s office or whatnot. I find that after awhile, it strains my eyes though.

I think OLED price will drop down into a more reasonable range within the next couple years. They are like $2000+ now.