Polarized sunglasses compatible with glass screen protectors

I have an iPhone 7 and just got a popular brand of glass screen protector for it. This new screen protector is incompatible with my sunglasses and makes the screen of the iPhone 7 appear rainbow colored, and it physically makes me sick. How do the Anker/Karapax glass screen protectors do with polarized sunglasses? Do they make the screen appear rainbow colored?


I have seen this before and it’s usually the manufacturer fault as one side is polarized and not the other. So if your seeing a rainbow effect the placed the glue on the wrong side.


That’s interesting. I’ve had that happen also. I always thought it was the sunglasses.


I work at Michael’s and the same with the framing glass, one side and polarized and not the other

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Lol well it is the sunglasses too. Your LCD tv will go dark if you have them on and tilt your head sideways, but who watches TV with sunglasses.

this guy

Hi @pauljohns,

Thanks for letting us know your concern.

We have confirmed with our Product Manager. Please be assured that the screen protector itself will not have the rainbow effect. You could try to use your phone without wearing the sunglasses, to confirm the issue.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via support@anker.com

Have a nice day!

Thank you! I will have to try out your screen protectors then! I’ll be placing an order for one soon and hopefully that will take care of my problem.

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