Please specify exact product dimensions and weight on your website!

I am a fan of Anker products. You create quality gear and I am among the many customers who appreciate that.

When selecting devices, specially high quality devices suitable for specialized use, all technical characteristics are important. This not only includes electrical specifications, but also the exact size/dimensions and the exact weight of the device. Please include this information into all product descriptions on your website!

I have recently purchased a product from another brand (who I trusted less), just because weight was critical for me and they stated the weight for all their products. On contrary, with Anker I would be buying a “cat in a sack” as far as weight is concerned.

The effort of weighing and measuring each of your products just once and including the information on the website is small in comparison to the customer benefit.

Thank you for listening!

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Generally the size and weight are included on the amazon page listing…

@TechMan, that is not correct. :slightly_smiling_face:

Some of the Anker product descriptions on Amazon indeed contain some of the product dimensions. Unfortunately, it is not consistent. They are not always present. And if they are, they are not always found in the same section of the description, they are not always exact or complete, and it is not always clear whether they refer to the package or the actual product “as used”.

Basically, it does not enable a customer to compare multiple Anker products based on their size and/or weight.

What product were you looking at?

I will let you know when I get to my laptop (mobile now).

In the meantime: if Anker already has this data to use it in the Amazon listings, why not also include it on the website where it can be easily found? :slightly_smiling_face: