Please help

So all I have is a Wi-Fi hotspot device portable Device that I would leave at home Do you have to have a modem at home to be able to use this system I purchase the package thinking it was complete Ready to go to Internet and work but I don’t know someone please help

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Hey @Mike_A_Braden
To be able to offer guidance i would need more information on the Anker product you have.

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@Mike_A_Braden As mentioned by @paulstevenewing more information about your product would be needed to assist you, I’m guessing your referring to a Eufy camera system though?

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Unsure on what you are trying to set up.

Example from what you wrote…

Are trying to use a wifi hotspot device to be able to connect your camera(s) to the homebase and not connect this setup to say an internet connection?

As stated more info is needed on all devices including the hotspot device or what you are trying to setup before anybody could potentially give you any recommendations…

What ever you are trying to do, you will need to remember to get the devices connected to an internet source at some time in order get updates from time to time.

I don’t think Anker sells modems hmm