please advise on motion + stereo pair bluetooth connection to pc windows 10

I have a bluetooth stereo pair of motion + working fine when connected to smartphone. Sound comes from both speakers. When I connect to pc windows 10 20H2, it connects, but sound comes only from master speaker, although volume level can be regulated also from slave speaker, meaning stereo pair is established. For some reason, sound comes only from the master speaker, regardless of the playback app.
The default device listed is: 'Headset soudncore motion + Hands Free AG audio". Another device listed is:'Headphones Soundcore motion + Stereo, conncetion interrupted.
If the bluetooth stereo pair is connected to the pc via the stereo cable to the headphones out of the pc, both of te speakers pair reproduce normal stereo from any playback app source.
Where is the problem wit the bluetooth connection? Is it a wrong bluetooth protocol or device. How do I get Headphones stereo device connected instead of Habdsfree AG audio? Please help, any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Regards, Jon.

Reset everything.

Delete all pairings.
Turn all Bluetooth off on the PC and phone.
Reset the speakers.
Turn on PC Bluetooth only, not the phone.

Pair the master as per what you know how and setup master slave.

Select in PC the headphones profile.

Should work.

Many thanks, professor. I think I got everything. I will come back with the results. Cheers

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Unfortunatelly, the situation is the same as before. Obviously, the fault is on the PC side, as everything works fine via smartphone. Somehow headphones stereo mode is not registered as a bluetooth device uder bluetooth devices, also not as a registered working audio device but it can be found listed under audio devices, however in a disconnected state (image attached). Maybe somebody has experienc and a solution to that. Otherwise I’ll just use the cable, however it would be nice to be able to connect via bluetooth.

I’m also enclosing an excerpt from the troubleshooting log referring to the Soundocore Motion + headphones stereo device, in case someone can decipher anything useful out of it. Any ideas ould be highly appreciated. Cheers

Oh yes, the troubleshooting log:

Hive: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\MMDevices\Audio\Render{deb38e41-3b89-4d1a-99f4-1

Name Property

FxProperties {b725f130-47ef-101a-a5f1-02608c9eebac},10 : Microsoft Audio Home Theater Effects
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},5 : {62dc1a93-ae24-464c-a43e-452f824c4250}
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},6 : {637c490d-eee3-4c0a-973f-371958802da2}
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},3 : {5860E1C5-F95C-4a7a-8EC8-8AEF24F379A1}
{d04e05a6-594b-4fb6-a80d-01af5eed7d1d},0 : {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
{d3993a3f-99c2-4402-b5ec-a92a0367664b},5 : {{C18E2F7E-933D-4965-B7D1-1EEF228D2AF3}}
{d3993a3f-99c2-4402-b5ec-a92a0367664b},6 : {{C18E2F7E-933D-4965-B7D1-1EEF228D2AF3}}
Properties {b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},15 : {65, 0, 0, 0…}
{b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},16 : {11, 0, 26, 59…}
{a45c254e-df1c-4efd-8020-67d146a850e0},2 : Headphones
{b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},6 : Soundcore Motion+ Stereo
{b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},2 : {1}.BTHENUM{0000110B-0000-1000-8000-00805F9
{83da6326-97a6-4088-9453-a1923f573b29},3 : microsoft_bluetooth_a2dp_src.inf:00a2c5fc7d8
{83da6326-97a6-4088-9453-a1923f573b29},100 : {64, 0, 84, 0…}
{8c7ed206-3f8a-4827-b3ab-ae9e1faefc6c},2 : {72, 0, 175, 207…}
{9637b4b9-11ee-4c35-b43c-7b2452c993cc},1 : {8A359856-5A05-4AEA-B65B-4E701E70343C}
{a45c254e-df1c-4efd-8020-67d146a850e0},24 : BTHENUM
{b3f8fa53-0004-438e-9003-51a46e139bfc},1 : {65, 0, 26, 59…}
{1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},0 : 3
{1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},8 : {DFF21CE2-F70F-11D0-B917-00A0C9223196}
{259abffc-50a7-47ce-af08-68c9a7d73366},12 : %windir%\system32\mmres.dll,-3051
{840b8171-b0ad-410f-8581-cccc0382cfef},0 : {65, 0, 0, 0…}
{1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},2 : {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
{1da5d803-d492-4edd-8c23-e0c0ffee7f0e},7 : 1

I don’t have worst operating system Windows 10 but I have been copy/pasting into one thread and fixes reported successful.

What you describe looks most like this one (possibly)

But more like this one

slight chance this one

The issue is Windows can decide what drivers to use and whether it uses which correctly recognises audio devices. So a random decision generator. Sometimes a delete driver and add driver fixes, sometimes just delete pairing and re-pair does it. If none of those work then nose deeply into device drivers and the fixes above.

It would help the community if you keep taking screenshots before/after and if you do fix then come back with exactly the steps you did, then I’ll put into the above thread as a known fix, so others benefit who search after you.