Pixel 2 / 2 XL Accessories?

Does Anker have any plans to design any cases or a screen protector for any of the Pixel line?

Many have asked for Android phone but they said only the cases for the iPhone will be made

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Yeah sometimes it seems like Anker has slight Apple bias but at the same time they are really pushing PowerIQ 2 which mimics Qualcomm Quick Charge…

But they did make S8 case.

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That’s good to know about that case, I ordered one for my wife so thanks

I mean it makes sense.
If you are doing Cases for the IPhone you don’t need so many different models means you can earn more money because you don’t need so many different machines.

For android it doesn’t make sense because there are to many different models. Not everyone is buying a google pixel because there are different brands and different models like Huawei, Oppo, Samsung, OnePlus, HTC, Xiaomi and so on. So it is not really smart form the economic view.

But everyone need power so can just create a charger which is working for the majority of the devices.

In my opinion is Anker very smart from the economic side. I mean they are cheaper than other brands but to be so cheap they need very efficient products. This is not the case with android cases so Anker will not create them.

Just a vote to expand the case and screen protectors to the Google Pixel 2 range, would be great to have them as an option.