Pico Projector (Nebula Capsule) Just $279

Anker’s pick projector, Capsule, by Nebula is on sale for $279 via Amazon US. It’s as easy as applying code ACAPSULE at checkout.

This is its lowest price since the public launch of Capsule, so if you missed out on the Indiegogo campaign, now may be the perfect time for you to get in on the Nebula fun!

You can learn more about Capsule here and on seenebula.com


Thanks but given the image quality it still feels a generally expensive product. It would need to get <$100 before “why not” thoughts kick in.

At that price I’d prefer to get a lower end Chromebook.

This review seems well rounded to give a good impression, you think you’d pay $279 for this?


Like the concept.

I agree, but I think it needs a step up. Good 1st attempt, I’d want it increasing to 720p or 1024p better still and for the brightness to increase. Non-trivial engineering challenge because doing both those asks increases the CPU performance requirements and the lazer power in a small item already challenged by the fan noise and battery life. Given those non-trivial challenges I expect it will take a couple of years. In the interim you can get some decent 13"-15" Chromebooks up to the 1080p needs and then you have Chromecast or Raspberri Pi (or similar which more RAM and faster CPU and eMMC) with HDMI monitors which can get brighter. For $279 you can make something a lot better.

I’ll probably buy one in a couple of years once they get a lot better, but with LCD TVs and monitors so ubiquitous, HDMI ports nearly everywhere now, most offices have a properly configured room, 10" tablets are <$200, there is a lot of very good alternatives.

I also think the issue of heat can be better solved by projecting directly into the eye, because you need a tiny fraction of the light if you’re not bouncing off a distant wall. So this type of product type:

Which also is very expensive currently.

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Many of our employees have bought too!
I also would like to buy, but the quantity is limited, they are sold out within 1 minute…:joy:

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I’m really intrigued by the concept but, as it’s a completely new product category that I have no experience with, it’s hard for me to assign it a value. I’d really like to get my hands on one for a two week trial to see if it’s something I’d really get use out of.

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And what is their reaction? Are they happy or is it like @Corwin_Davis_Khoe that they just bought it because they like the concept.

They all happy and they show the product on their social media account…:smile:

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Slightly different code and a slightly lower price.

4CAPSULE at checkout, the Nebula Capsule will drop to $277.99.

I am still of the view $278 is expensive for what it is. What I infer from the price staying so high is people are paying it!

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You can let your friend use this code to get more discount! Save $70 On Anker’s Soda Can-Sized Projector.:grin:

ugh very tempting but the price is still a bit too high for me to get away with my wife :joy:

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The promotional code you entered is not valid.

Do you use this one?

Yes. Didn’t work. Do you have any other promotion code?

I see its now $265 probably as Capsule II is coming.

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