Picking first Anker portable charger

Hello all,

I am excited to try out my first Anker product and would like some assistance picking out the best charger for my needs. I am looking at 10,000+ mAh. I would say 90% of the time I will be charging a phone in summer time conditions (up to 100 degrees) , 8% charging a phone in winter conditions (down to 0 degrees) and 2% charging Bluetooth headphones. The charging of the headphones is not a must have.

The two I have looked at are PowerCore Lite 20000 for its trickle charge and the PowerCore II 20000 as I have read it has a very good fast charge for boring Iphone 6plus users. I am an Apple user with Iphone, iPad, and Macbookpro.

What would be your suggestion?



Hi, @Bigwheel26j, welcome to the Anker Community! Anker’s lineup of portable chargers can be quite confusing to new users, so I’d love to help you pick the one that’s best for you!

Do you already have a USB-C charger? (from your MacBook Pro or something else). If so, I would recommend PowerCore 10000 PD! Hear me out.

You maybe be thinking 10000 mAh isn’t enough, but it will charge your phone from 0–100% two times. If you determine that you need more power, you can return the product within 30 days.

PowerCore 10000 PD also supports trickle-charging mode for your earbuds!

And, if you upgrade to iPhone 8 or later, you will be able to take advantage of the fast charging feature via the PD port with a USB-C to Lightning cable!

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask any more questions you may have. :slightly_smiling_face:


For charging a phone and small accessories 10,000mAh is plenty. You can get two full charges out of that for your iPhone 6 Plus. That said, some prefer 20,000mAh because they would rather carry the weight than recharge the power bank a few times a week (heavy users).

Any Anker power bank with PowerIQ (any version) will fast charge your model iPhone. In all cases you’ll use a USB-A port, so a regular Lightning cable will due.

For lower cost options check out:

The have the same specs, only difference is form factor.

The PowerCore 10000 PD @Insider suggested costs more, but gives better future proofing. Future iPhones and iPads are likely to feature USB-C ports.

Whatever you end up getting I would advise you to avoid charging your phone (or even using it) when outside and it is below freezing. Low temperatures are bad for lithium batteries used in your devices and all power banks. Actively charging will reduce efficiency at best. And could completely deplete one or both batteries at worse. Wait until you’re inside to recharge. Or if you must recharge while out keep both in a pocket against your body.


How many times is this very similar post going to be posted?

@ndalby ?

I do not have any USB-C at this moment. IPad and IPhone are lighting connector and Macbookpro is the MagSafe power adapter.

Well, if you really don’t care about the ability to fast charge your next iPhone, then I would recommend PowerCore Lite 10000 at the moment.


Not sure if you’re still looking but I would recommend Powercore 15000 It’s a pretty good since for what it is and a good price, right now it’s $31 (in America at least) and I’ve only had it about a week. But I think it’s well worth the purchase. For a iPhone, I’m not sure how it does with a MacBook

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