Pick Up The Anker SoundBuds Curve BT Headphones For $25.99!

Finding a pair of earbuds isn’t too challenging, but finding a good pair that offers decent audio and has good functionality and features Bluetooth wireless technology can be a bit more difficult. This is especially true when you’re trying to grab a pair without breaking the bank. Right now you can pick up SoundBuds Curve for just $25.99! Sounds amazing, right?

Because they’re built for sport, they’re also specially treated for resistance to rain and sweat. The earbuds boast an awesome 12.5-hour continuous playtime on a single charge. And if you run completely out of battery life, you can give them a quick ten-minute charge to regain a solid hour of playtime!

SoundBuds Curve also feature HD sound and noise-cancellation technology, allowing you to filter away the outside world and focus on the music. They come with multiple EarTips to ensure the ultimate fit, and a convenient travel pouch.

So, are you ready to get Soundbuds Curve?

(28% OFF) Anker Soundbuds Curve Wireless headphones
Regular Price: $35.99
Deal Price: $25.99
Valid region: US
Valid Time: November 9th - November 15th


Dam thats a good deal.

So don’t miss it!:grin:


Oh no, again only for US? COme on @AnkerOfficial, think about us FR guys :stuck_out_tongue:

Just an observation :eyes:

When deals come out in the US, they last for 7 days but when a deal comes to the UK, they last 2 days :scream:

Plus, if you can deals around the 28th of each month, we are more likely to have a bit a cash.


good deal!!! :heart_eyes:

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great deal friends…take advantage…lets see what deals will be available for Black Friday!!!

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Great deal. It has great reviews and lot of reviews none the less. I started going to the gym again and figured these would be perfect. Thanks Anker!

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That’s right, Black Friday is just around the corner hihi


I want a pair of these. They look like they will stay on better than the slims when I working out. I just got the first gen slims a few months ago and Anker are sending me a second gens to test.

Whats your thoughts on the curvs verse the new slims?

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Ive notice most deals for us in the usa are one day sales…maybe its little longer this time around becsue the curves are part of the power draw this week so for most of is who dont win can get a pair at a dicounted price :thinking:(marketing strategy)

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What a deal.

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I have seen more and more US deals only lasting a day or two, very rarely have we had one that last a week. And I agree it suck that they only last for so long because usually when they post them I’m already broke. I just lucked out this week with my mouse/cable/ car mount order as I had some extra money come in from a beta

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Who doesn’t love Anker Deals!

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That’s a big deal, those soundbuds are pretty resistant.

Nice deal on some great looking headphones. Definitely a must purchase if your looking for workout headphones.


Jk! Of course we all do. :smiley:

Are they nice to use?

Of course it is.