Photography Contest: Give it Your Best Shot

At Anker, we already know our fans are some of the most creative people around. So, we want to give you a chance to show off your skills with a Community Photography Contest.

Whether you’re an amateur just starting out or have been a pro for years, we want to see your best photos of your favorite Anker products. The winner of our contest will get to have their work featured on the Anker homepage.

Your Moment of Fame

  • First Place: Your photo will appear as a banner on the front page, right here (after you select your country, if it’s not already saved in your browser’s cookies).

  • Second and Third Place: You’ll be featured in our follow-up forum post, so all our members can see your work and give you the praise you deserve!

What to Shoot

Choose any one product from your Anker collection to be your subject. Your photo can be either of the product by itself, or of people using the product. Feel free to get creative—experiment with different backgrounds, lighting, placement, and so on.

When you’ve got your photo ready, feel free to touch it up using Photoshop or your favorite editing software, but please don’t go overboard. You were not using your PowerCore while spacewalking with your cat, and we all know it. Keep in mind that we want the focus (pun intended) to be on photography rather than editing this time around.

Hot Photography Tips

Not sure about how to photograph a tech product? We asked our very own creative team to come up with some pointers to help get you snapping in the right direction.

1. Pay Attention to Lighting. Know where your light sources are in your setting, whether they’re natural or artificial. See if you can get a feel for appropriate uses of angle and shadow. Let your audience see what the product is clearly, but don’t be afraid to get dynamic and artistic with your incorporation of lighting.

2. Try, Try Again. The chances of getting a photo you’re totally satisfied with on the first attempt are slim to none. Move around between shots, adjust your angle or placement, or try a different background. Keep experimenting until you feel comfortable enough with a scenario to set up that picture-perfect shot.

3. Keep it Simple. Your background should serve to make your subject (in this case, the product) look its absolute best. Refrain from using overly colorful or busy backgrounds that distract the eye from the main event.

4. Play the Field. To capture a professional-looking close-up of a product, our own in-house photographers suggest using a wide aperture—letting in more light and creating a narrow depth of field. This means that your final image will appear much more focused on the product than whatever might be in the background.

How to Win

Ready to get started? When your photo’s ready in JPEG format, simply click “reply” in the comments, then click the upload button to show us your stuff. Your final photo’s dimensions should be at least 1920×480. That said, when you post it in our comments please make sure it weighs in at less than 2MB—just to make it easier for our comment system to digest. :stuck_out_tongue:

If your photo is chosen as the winner, we’ll then want you to give us your highest quality version of it to show off to the world. 8)

Happy shooting, shutterbugs!

The Rules

  1. Images should be high-quality, at least 1920×480. However, when you post your submission, please resize it to 2MB. JPEG format only.

  2. Your submission should contain:
    1 Anker Product Photo
    1 Title (in the comment itself, not on the photo image)
    1 Short Description of the Product (again, just in the comment)

  3. Don’t get too crazy with the Photoshopping. Light touch ups and editing are good, but keep the picture as close to its original state as possible.

  4. We will select our first, second, and third place winners based on originality, composition, artistic merit, and likes by other Community members.

  5. Open to users from all countries.

  6. The winning submission will be displayed on and our Community homepage for one week. The second and third place winners will be recognized in an upcoming forum post.

  7. Event runs from May 26th 12:00 AM PDT to June 9th 11:59 PM PDT.


:sunglasses: Example 1:

Title: PowerDrive 2
Intro: My mom loves her new PowerDrive 2 that she got as a Mother’s Day gift. It really gives her peace of mind to know that she has a fast, reliable charger on late drives home from work.


I like this sample! I`ll try it!


Hit me with your best shot!:sunglasses:


@AnkerOfficial You may have offended a spacewalking cat… Just saying. :joy:


Oh are we only allowed one picture?! I have many…

Here is one I took a while ago though, click for full size and download.
Title: PowerCore 20kmHa
Intro: Never need to be tied to a plug socket again on my travels. This is so handy on long trips away from home, or simply out camping for the weekend.

Profile View by Arwen, on Flickr


Title: Family Reunion

While I am away on vacation, I can never forget to take my Anker Powercore+ 26800 and Anker Portable Stereo Bluetooth Speaker (A7909). The best duo ever!!!


Nice photo! You can also upload other photos, but please make sure each one should less than 2MB.:sunglasses:


Beautiful scenery with good products!:heart_eyes:


Title: Anker Elite 2-Port 24W USB Wall Charger PowerPort 2
Intro: I got the Elite 2-port to take with me on all of my weekend getaway trips
this summer, this one was taken in a fancy boutique hotel bathroom!


Title: The twins
Taking the twins out for a stroll in the Rockies


I also want to go to the Rockies!!!:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


With the name of residence!
This was bought when anker announced the preorder of limited version of ingress x anker products.
And I am still using it daily. It works perfectly for years.


One with nature.


My Best Buddies

My amazing travel companions that go with me everywhere. I also take many more but love these guys. They keep me powered and happy when away from home at work or out on the bike etc


Bendable. Durable. Reliable.

Anker chargers are the best out there. They are long-lasting, strong and reliable. The chargers withstand extreme amounts of pressure and stretching without breaking. I’m proud to own several anker products and i’m always reccomending them, especially their chargers.



Anker Fun!
Anker’s taking a little swing…


Pack Light And Keep Recharged With The PowerCore Slim


Light the way
ANKER flashlights: Lc40 and LC90