Photography apps

When it comes to taking photos on your smartphone do you use the stock camera app on your phone or do you find yourself using a 3rd party app?

Lately I’ve been using the Lightroom CC app on iOS and be impressed with it and by how flawlessly it syncs and works with Lightroom on my MacBook Pro.

Are there any hidden gems out there that are worth a mention?

I use the stock app, if I want more control I just use my digital SLR

But phone’s and software has come a long night way that I wouldn’t hesitate to solely use my phone and software suite


Same as @elmo41683. I’m considering experimenting with some apps on iPhone just for the possibility of working on RAW files, to see what can be done. You can read about it here:


Thanks for the information about RAW! I may start experimenting with it as well.


Same as @elmo41683 and @tiagomota , use the stock iPhone app for quick photos when out and about or for work use. Anything else gets my digital camera to allow more control (not to mention zoom :grin:)


Stock android pixel camera with pixlr for quick/simple editing on the go.

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I use open camera, but I had to change because the stock app didn’t work.

Using the stock S8 app right now and quite pleased with it’s pro features. I also purchased Camera Zoom FX premium and it was very good on my old HTC

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I use the stock camera app. I’ve been playing around with other camera apps since my camera is messing up. I think its LG Camera app that is the issue.

All images are edited with SnappSeed or photoshop mobile to edit the pictures.

Here’s some examples using SnappSeed and an iPhone 6 I took with some friends at our fall Off Road Weekend in Hot Springs Arkansas.

Red Toyota Climbing Up the Rocks

Offroading At Hot Springs Offroad Park

At Rest

Offroading At Hot Springs Offroad Park

All of these shots were taken by hand in low light and some where action shots. I had to use the app to do a lot of corrections since I had to shoot in auto and not in manual mode.


Great shots, My camera is never ready when I take a wrong turn :joy:


I use the stock camera app on my iPhone 6s. And sometimes, Camera+ if I want to be more creative and have more time.

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I use Samsung’s stock android photo app.

Even tho, I’ve done a HAND BETEC in Photography, I don’t use any pro software or even a dsl. I have a cybershot bridge camera that I use for taking “proper” photos, but 90% of my pics, I use my S8 on auto mode and find it very good, not just as a phone camera, but as a point n shoot camera (as good as any £100 compact camera).

I dont even use colour adjust or adjust white balance.

For taking pics for fb or showing on my phone, it’s perfectly fine. I think my old training n having a decent “eye” helps me take better pics. I find friends who do have dsl cameras compliment me on my pics.

I think what makes a big difference, is that I don’t have a laptop or desktop, just my handset.

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