Hey guys so I’m looking for a new phone since my old one is dying quick. I was wondering if you guys have suggestions and which phones you all are rocking currently. Thank so much ahead of time!

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Two questions:

  1. what price range are you looking for?
  2. do you have a preference for Android or iOS?

Idk the price but android

The Samsung Galaxy s9 just came out and it’s the newest flagship phone on the market but the Galaxy S8 and Note 8 are very similar and cheaper options. The Google Pixel 2 XL is also another great android phone. If all these are too expensive I’d probably suggest the One Plus 5T

check out this link it may help you out

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If I were buying a phone today it would the pixel 2 hands down for android.

  1. Made by google, so they are in control of all software and hardware and can develop the best OS updates.
  2. Great marriage of specs and reliability on original pixel (though only slighter better but still an upgrade from first)

The software aspect is huge. A carrier locked phone goes thru 3 levels of OS changes. Google does their update, it goes to the phone maker and gets tweaked for their system then finally to the carrier and they tweak it again. It is one of the largest reasons that phone updates end poorly. Google has cut out the middle man (and even the carriers really), designing and pushing their own updates. They are also guaranteeing update support until 2020 which is well past any other maker for the most part.

I would recommend the OnePlus 5T I have it and I really like it. I don’t know if I would recommend the Samsung 9 because it is a small evolution compared to the 8

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Don’t know if you’re into prepaid phones but look at this deal

I suggest the google pixel 2 (if you are looking for an amazing phone and don’t care about the cost)

Depends on use and desires… Saying android isn’t very helpful, equivalent to saying a blue car!

I’d suggest Sony, Samsung, huwia (spelling), the 5+ , and some are rating the newer ZTE PHONES.

if you want the best all singing dancing, and you have a sky contract, I’d look at the new S9.

If you don’t mind last year’s top fone, then I’d suggest the Samsung S8.

If you want a almost too phone, then sony do a couple of decent phone… XZ range.

Personally I wouldn’t recommend a Moto, unless it’s PAYG on a 12 month prepay.

The choice is HUGE.

If you want to get some info on handsets, I’d recommend the following websites… GSMARENA , CNET. plus look on YOUTUBE, for unboxing n first use videos.

The question is also if you want to use a career/for which country you are going to use it.

Get a proper phone, get an iPhone.

Cue the onslaught of android fan boys/girls telling me I’m wrong :joy:

(Depending on budget I say your best bet might be S8 as it will be a greatly reduced price and the S9 isn’t too much of an upgrade)

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:joy: iPhone all the way :ok_hand:

depends if you plan to go through carriers or buy out right…Buying out right might be the Pixiel 2 since you know you will get updates. The S9 is pricey but supposedly the review on the camera can put up a fight with Pixiel 2 then again it’s new. If your looking for deals LG/S8/Note 8 might have something there. But overall it all depends on what are you looking for in the new phone.

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I don’t like the extra bloatware that the rest of the premium brands add on there phone’s, so i suggest the Pixel 2. Plus that way you always get the android updates first hand.

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That’s a nifty looking design. Its way too old school for me though, a no color phone is going back to the late 90’s… no thanks lol

Light Phone 2 is perfect for those who need a basic phone with navigation and a few simple functions (e.g., navigation, alarm and calculator). Might be good for kids too so they don’t get addicted to it.

Bugger, the phones you could get for that money!

I’m about to buy an iphone 6s
What phone do you currently have?