Phone slowly slides off PowerWave

I have two PowerWave wireless chargers and noticed something odd and frankly annoying recently. My iPhone 8 Plus slowly and eventually slides off the pad so it’s no longer charging. I tested it with and without the case and the same thing happened on both chargers. It’s in DND mode so it isn’t notifications.

Just now I watched the phone slide sloooooowly off to the left until it wasn’t in the charging zone. I did all the poltergeist incantations so that shouldn’t be the problem. Any other ideas to try?

There is a small fan inside most wireless chargers that causes the wireless pad to vibrate and eventually slide your phone out of the charging zone this problem is exacerbated if your pad is resting at any angle however slight.

Try downloading a level application to make sure your charging pad is perfectly level.


Do you have vibration mode on the phone turned on? May want to disable it.

Also is the phone at an angle / inclination? Keep it on a level surface

Thanks @TheDude

I didn’t realize there were any moving parts or fans in the charger. I’m going to check the “levels” so to speak.

@TheDude so both charging pads are completely level. Any other suggestions? Btw, I felt the almost imperceptible breeze from the fan this time around. r/todayilearned :laughing:

This is nothing new and if you do a google search you will see that it happens quite a bit.

Part of the reason is wireless charging works by the charger magnetically creating oscillations (e.g. vibrations) to the charger core in your phone which in turn generates electrical current. This is why most wireless charges have a cushion/gripping surface to help prevent the phone from slowly sliding off.

I personally would return the pad and get a charging stand.

Are you sure the app bubble level is calibrated correctly?

I would look for an application the displays the actual angle instead of a bubble. The picture I posted above probably wasn’t the best for your needs.

Beyond getting a case that has better grip on the back side so your phone won’t slide off or 3D printing a stand for the pad (if you have access to a 3d printer) my only other recommendation would be to get a vertical stand like others have recommended. Vertical stands allow you to use your phone while it is being charged and possibly be able to use your phone as a bedside clock if your phone has always-on display capabilities.

I have had to do this with my three wireless chargers regardless of brand. Ugly but it works

At least you find an easy solution to your problem