Phone of the Year? | Vote and WIN

What’s the best phone of 2018? iPhone X? OnePlus 6? Galaxy S9 Plus?

TechRadar in the UK is attempting to answer that question, with help from their readership—and from us! From now through August 31st, 2018, you can hop over to TechRadar’s Phone of the Year page to cast your vote.

When you do, you’ll be automatically entered to win a high-tech prize bundle, including 3 of our PowerCore 20100 portable chargers (you must be located in the UK to be eligible to receive the prize)!

So what are you waiting for, British Anker fans? Let’s show TechRadar our support as they search for 2018’s most popular smartphone. Good luck in the giveaway!


I don’t understand… There are so many phones released in the second half of the year that it makes no since to vote now.

Galaxy Note9
Google Pixel 3
OnePlus 6T
New iPhones


Doesn’t matter, UK only!!

But I digress as with cars, anything that comes out after September is deemed next years model. So upcoming phones are classified as 2019 and best of them would be next year


It’s a weird poll to be running in August & September, especially with so many flagship phones that haven’t been released yet.


At the moment OnePlus 6.
But over whole 2018 it will be OnePlus 6T (scheduled in a month or so, more frequencies among other things)


I like the Galaxy S9 Plus :heart_eyes:

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Galaxy Note 9


Despite my ineligibility as a US customer, I’ve got to chime in on this one because it touches sooooo close to home. See, I update my phone every year but after month 1, they each are just as terrible as their predecessors. I’ve had all sorts of makes/models and my kids have theirs too, with different makes/models and the same problem as me: SERVICE.

No matter how fast the latest and greatest may be, if you e got a provider like mine (Sprint), you might as well just stick with a flip phone.

Consider moving your family plan to T-Mobile they have
very reasonable family plans and great service for the price. Or you can pick up the signal booster they have a few cheap ones on Amazon that you could put in your car or home.

But AT & T and Verizon are the best across the country signal wise Imo

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Note 9. Many things are improved over the Note 8, including the Pen.

Thanks for the advice @Jesse_Hernandez1 :+1: Ive already got a signal booster, along with a mesh WiFi system that covers 4500sqft when my house is only 1800, so I’m pretty sure it is Sprint. Another odd thing my phone does is when it switches from WiFi to LTE in the middle of a call, it cuts off the call! Very frustrating.

I don’t like AT&T mainly because of a bad experience I had long ago. I never thought of T-mobile, though! I’ll definitely look into them further as I’m completely fed up with Sprint. Much appreciated, indeed! :grin:


Anytime, yeah T-Mobile is great and they give you free stuff every Tuesday through their T-Mobile mobile Tuesday program. This week I got Pandora plus free for a year. They also bought a block of low frequency radio waves from the government a few years back that more easily penetrate structures trees ect. Still Verizon or AT&T will give you the best coverage if you live in a more rural area.

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Phones are too expensive, I would prefer if software was kept simple, phones cheaper, smaller, better battery life.

Cool! That’s awesome!