Phone does not make contact with the surface


I just received your ** Wireless Charging Stand- Anker Wireless Charger, 10W Max PowerWave Stand Upgraded** for my Samsung Galaxy S21Ultra (which I have with a slim Spigen case). Let me inform you that due to the bulge of the camera, the phone does not make contact with the surface of the charger, and as such, I’m afraid that the charging will be inefficient and or possibly cause damage.


Arturo Meneses

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How odd @arturo54
I have the 10w charge stand (not sure if its the upgraded version) and I have the smaller S20+ and the camera is clear of the stand.
I would have thought your larger S21 Ultra would have been clear of it as the rear comparison of each phone looks to be the same dimensions.
Plus the phone doesn’t have to make direct contact with the stand to charge, it can be up to 5mm away.

So I think if your phone shows its taking a charge it will be fine :+1:t2:

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It should be able to charge it. Put your phone on landscape or move it a bit, it should be able to charge


Yes @ikari04warrior great thinking :+1:t2:
I use mine in portrait for over night charging and using the always on display for a bedside clock.

Yes always on display mode is a great feature! It has eliminated the need for a separate bedside clock

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