Phone charging hack - disaster preparedness

With Hurricane Florence approaching its touchdown, this seems like a valuable resource to have on one’s mind. I really hope no one here, or anywhere, really needs to use this life hack, but here it is:

How to charge your phone with a 9V battery

Of course, portable batteries are better, and I’ll guess most of us here own at least one of those - if you don’t, just go by one already. But, still, even portable batteries go out of juice when not recharged. In an emergency, when everything is empty, this hack could get you just the few minutes you need to survive, or help someone survive.

Be safe out there, east-coasters!


Nah I’m good, I’ll use one of the many batterypacks we now have. I took advantage of extra money I had earned working overtime and snagged a few new packs plus the ones I had won.

Florence made landfall just 2 hours from where I live, so as it approaches us we will inevitably lose power. So far almost a half million are without power so no doubt it will happen to us too. So all my packs are charged up and ready to go, I also have 4 more in the cars but those are cheap generic ones hence they stay in the car as throw away emergency ones


Stay safe @elmo41683

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It looks like he is already pretty safe :slight_smile:

Just kiddin tho.

Stay safe @elmo41683!


I’m divided between the terrifying perspectives for Florence, and the coolness of those graphics:

Storm surge will be a huge factor for Hurricane #Florence Check out what it might look like with @TWCErikaNavarro:

— The Weather Channel (@weatherchannel) September 13, 2018

Good luck for all you there!
We keep thumbs up, that you and all over there will be safe and there will be no harm for any persons.

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Looks like you’re low on battery power :stuck_out_tongue:

Now that’s some ingenuity!

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Stay safe @elmo41683! It looks like you are definitely well prepared! :thumbsup:

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Stay safe & power on