Permanent Zoom Setting on Doorbell

Good morning/evening.

I’ve had the doorbell for about a week, now, and so far, other than a few minor quirks, I really like it.

One thing that would be a great addition (at least for me) is the ability to zoom in and have the doorbell use that setting permanently, as does my Arlo camera. The problem I have is that my door is set back under an overhang, and due to the installation restrictions I have (in spite of the supplied angled piece), the IR light causes a bad reflection off of the siding, messing up the beautiful picture a bit. Obviously I can manually pinch zoom every time I open the camera, but having this ability would make for a much better experience for me.

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Possible @AnkerTechnical can forward this to the proper team?

This sounds like a great enhancement request :+1:

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Another thing that I just noticed is that if you snap a picture while zoomed in even slightly, the actual capture taken is that of the original view, not the zoomed view.

Am I missing something? Also, I have attached a photo of the original view about which I spoke in my original post so as to underscore my issue. Since I can’t take one of the zoomed in view that I want, I’ll leave it to your imagination regarding what I’m attempting to accomplish.:slightly_smiling_face: