Perfect Anker Powercore capacity?

  • 3000mAh
  • 5000mAh
  • 6700mAh
  • 10000mAh
  • 13000mAh
  • 20000mAh
  • 26800mAh
  • doesn’t matter you’re thinking too much

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I just packed my bag for a 2 week 5 flight, 8 trains, 4 separate beds, mix business / personal trip across 3 countries, and I’m in the “Anker angst” of how much spare battery power do I need? One part of me wants to go minimalist, say a 6700 Powercore II , another part of me wants to cover the Zombie Apocalypse scenario and pack a Powercore 26800 just in case. Then there is the part of me thinks what if the Powercore fails and I should carry 2 Powercore like a Mini and a 6700.

What would you do?

What is the perfect Anker Powercore capacity?

(I’ll probably pack the 10000mAh as its mid-way between Zombie Apocalypse and “enough”)


I say take the 20k, this proved enough charge for me while making it through a work week with charging all my devices. It Can help you last while away from power source much better thank a 10k and not as heavy as the 26800

10k…enough to get through the day and more compact for travel

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1st, While I do believe you are over thinking it a bit much I did accidentally vote for that option. I also understand where you are coming from, packing can be a bit stressful when you just want to be prepared.

2nd If I could cast my vote again I’d probably vote for 10000 mAh or 13000 mAh it isn’t excessive, travels well, and still gets the job done.

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Is there not a problem with the 20000 that it is really 20100 and the output is to high so some airlines do not allow them.
Or did the situation changed?

100Wh is the limit so a typical voltage means 26800mAh.

I have a long stretch where I wave bye to electricity then an Uber, 2 flights, 3 trains and a walk, about 24 hours in total. Knowing me it will probably end up a 10000mAh as it always does.

That’s the way you have to measure it. If a 24 hour stretch is the longest without power then a 10000 should do it

I say take the 28600 and a mini for out and about day trips. Plus if you take the 28600 it will give you the ability to charge other devices ie iPad, Bluetooth headset etc

Although you will may want to factor in charging times, depending on the variant you have, powercore 28600 has dual input ports and takes about 6 hours to fully charge while the powercore+ 26800 has one port, with quick charge 3.0, takes about 10 hours.

Do you only need to power your phone, or are you powering a tablet/computer/movie-watching-device in addition to your phone? If you have 2 devices to power, I would go for the 20000mAh.

For me, number of ports is the ultimate deciding factor, so at least 13000.

I carry my primary phone, backup phone, tablet, primary buds, backup buds, the Powercore. For media consumption I drain 1st the tablet then the phone. If you were to “de-invent” the Internet I would have to hand-draw the walking routes I have in a few places like London, so not thinking a very small day-use type small Powercore.

Given the tablet is 1st drained, probably can get by with 10000mAh.

My longest walk is 16 miles and so the 268000mAh is overkill for only 24hrs off-power.

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The bigger the better. Keep the smaller ones in your jacket or pockets and the bigger ones in your backpack.

I would definitely go with the 26800 (or at least one capable of USB-PD). For me, charger compatibility is just as important as capacity, and I have the 26800 with USB power delivery, so that would definitely be my pick. Additionally, I often travel with family or friends, and none of them ever bring power, so having extra capacity and cables to keep my friends up and running is always a good idea. Sure, it’s a bit heavy, but if I’m flying/driving, I don’t mind the extra weight, and if I’m hiking, we always split the weight as evenly as possible, so it doesn’t make a big difference. I’d always rather over-prepare than under-prepare, so give me the biggest option possible.

Good poll!

10k if you have somewhere to recharge within a few days. Now if you are about to head on a jungle excursion for a couple days then bigger is better.

I am on the final day 14 of a 5 flight 8 trains 6 bed trip and I traveled with a Powercore 10000.

The problem of charging Soundbuds is my only biggest problem the 10000 has. I’m sat keeping pressing the power button to overcome the low current cutoff as I recharge buds.

I know the Mini does that job better. I’ll try the II 6700 next time. I barely used half the 10000mAh


I charged up my soundbuds surge using the newly aquire 10k battery pack, it went almost 40 minutes before turning off while charging them.

What parts of Ireland did you get to?

I’ve traveled a lot, with power banks of many different sizes from 8000mah up to 20000mah. 10000mah was the best trade-off in terms of power availability vs portability, IMO.

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Just changed flights in Dublin airport.

Now is the 3 hour walk from SFO to home.

Keeping online whole way thanks to Powercore during flight. Watched some of Fargo season 3 on 11 hour flight.