Perfect addition to any desk!

I recently picked up a PowerPort Wireless 5 Stand. As usual with Anker Products, I am seriously pleased with the quality of this charging pad. I also believe it is absolutely a breeze to use! Charge your phone vertical or horizontal! There is no poking around to find the charging spot, I’ve not had an issue with getting any of my 3 devices to charge. I have a iPhone 8, X, and Google Nexus and they all charge effortlessly.

I really love having the stand over the pad for my desk. I can stand the phone up within view which is really nice over having it charging flat. It’s always nice to reduce cables as well.


Thanks for the review I was thinking of getting one. How long does it take to fully charge the iPhone 8?

I’d say less than an hour dead to near full.

thanks for reviewing

To help your battery last longer, best not to fully charge your phone and not let it go below 40%

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TRUTH. We used to be told to only charge it below 20% and not to trickle charge it throughout the day with frequent plugging in and out, but you want to keep it hovering at 50-60% all the time for less strain on the battery :battery:.

Great advice!

Nice setup! It does look awesome on your desk.