PD Version for PowerPort III mini

I see that Anker releases a PiQ version for 60W PD charger with GaN technology


I wonder when would Anker release a 60W PD version (or even 61W PD version that supports 20.3V 3A for MBP-13inch)?

I’m confused. The PD specifications mandate 60W to be 20V 3A.

Anything more than 60W is 20V and more than 3A.

Apple’s 61W PD charger has 20.3V 3A (without 20V 3A)

Rounding error. You lose more than that difference in the cable.

You’d lose typically in a good cable around 0.5V

0.3V is not important.

@5V_1A, please note that PowerIQ 3.0 mimics Power Delivery, so charging speeds will be the same.

There’s PowerPort Atom PD 2 and PowerPort III 65W is coming soon: