PD Labeling

I think Anker should label their PD Ports and PD Cables with the max power provided.

For Example, I often see PD labeled on their hardware and cables, but I need to know if I am connecting to a PD 60W port with only a PD 30W cable, then I might need a better cable depending on my use case.

Something like:


Interesting one @aheadnetworkmgmt
I only have 3 Anker chargers and they are all different in design so its not a problem for me.
But i know there are people that have multiple similar PowerPorts so i guess this could be useful.

The upcoming 5A PowerLine III USB-C does say “100W”

Its nice to see they are starting to label them :+1:

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This is a good idea.
But you know, you never get that output which is labelled.

You can label Power but not cables.