PC Magazine: Next Year's Phones Will Charge 50 Percent in 10 Minutes

Your next phone probably won’t have a bigger battery, but at least you won’t need to plug in for as long, says Steven Yang, an ex-Googler who started device-charging empire Anker.

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Thoughts, everyone?! I wonder how quickly this would degrade the battery…


I would imagine 20-40% degradation in life, depending on how hot it gets when charging. It’ll probably be graphene based.


Great, now hopefully we see more products with USB c charge ports. I’m ok with “charge pump technology” and the added heat can be easy controlled with passive or active cooling


This is great news. To bad I can’t wait that long for a new phone. I’m on my phones on and off all day. I always have to have a battery pack, car charger, and wall chargers in work gear.


It’s an improvement but I fear it will turns out the battery life will get less.
A phone must somehow be thinner, and when it charges faster why not a smaller battery? :frowning:

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Nice find!

Every time Apple or Samsung make a new phone announcement, my greatest hope is not for any cutting edge tech that might or might not become very useful in the long run. What I really want to hear - and, I guess, most people too - it that phones will now last a whole week on a charge, like the Nokia devices of the pre-smartphone era.

Really fast charging is nice, and will certainly have a great impact, so at least there’s that.

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I’m likely the worst anti-design customer on the planet but I liked those old Moto’s
They had a removable battery and on Amazon I could buy spares. Nothing special so far…
But I could also buy thicker spares that came with a back cover that could accommodate the thicker battery.
Fast charger = super = no doubt at all.
But if I had the choice I would buy a phone that’s 10-15mm thick with a fat battery.
I know that will never happen but I still have hope the anorexia phone trend will reverse a bit.

I like to be in the country and not all trees have a power outlet capable of fast charging :grinning:

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Yeah, I really miss the day when phone could use for 3 days on a charge.:joy:

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Seeing is believing. I’ve seen so many news items about super batteries, but somehow none of that tech made it to a phone.