Paying by card

How do you pay in the supermarket?
Normally all here I suppose are using a card.
But here in Germany there are huge problems to use such cards at the moment,
Some suppose a cyber attack was causing these failures.

What does this mean?

We are and more slaves of soft- and hardware.
If something goes wrong with all that programmed stuff, we are totally lost.

Eg. Smart home, computer connections, card readers, phone and so on.

Now they tell us to store cash at home. :roll_eyes:

But before they told us to cancel cash payments at all.
Who are these ? Idiots, called politics and bankers. :grinning:


Are you suggesting people aren’t programmed to use money? :upside_down_face:


My list:

  • contactless phone
  • contactless card
  • card+PIN
  • cash. I keep enough cash on me to cover for the above all failing.

Yes recently my local shop were hacked and had to use cash, but it’s very rare such issue. I asked them who hacked them, said it was Russians who asks for money, they didn’t pay, but over the internet you can never truly know the culprit.

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The last two years, I’ve gotten used to paying contactless with my phone. That’s probably become my preferred way to pay, followed by cash, then card. Apple/Google Pay makes it so much easier.


Hope your phone is always perfectly charged. :laughing:

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Hey Franz.

In retail stores and supermarkets.
Contacless using phone 95%
Contactless/chip and pin using card 5%
I dont carry cash so can’t pay with cash, simple.

I deposit with two unrelated banks.
I have details of both banks stored on my phone payment app and carry a debit card from each of these banks.
So if one bank was hacked I would be OK.
If both banks were hacked, I would just get my shopping another day.
There isn’t much I purchase that I cant do without for a few days/weeks

I have no use or care for cash.
Paying with card saves me time, money and loss.

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What happens when the technology isn’t working and have to pay cash?

I keep a £20 underneath my phone case, covers the common basics.


Barely anything I buy offline is essential at that moment.
I’ll go back to the shop when their issues are sorted.
Or its its just that shop, I’ll try another.
I dont carry cash so don’t have that as an alternative.
I don’t really even consider it as an alternative anymore.
I view cash as we now view cheques, out of date and inconvenient. It’s had its time, now its a different time.


But paying by apps and cards make the consumer more transparent.
All your purchases are documented.

Eg. its visible you are visiting the pub daily and drink 5 pints. :smile:

I must use cash!
fleamarket! :laughing:

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That’s also visible by the bank balance and the belt size.


At supermarkets (& all points of purchase) I only use the contactless card and apple pay!

the last time I withdrew cash from ATM was almost a year back… :slight_smile:


Oh ja!
An enormously increasing belly will indicate some beers more than usual.

Who will care about?
The beloved wife, the health insurance?
No, if the data is open and visible too all, one will get some offers by fitness studios! :rofl:

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