Pause/play and skip song not working on Soundbuds Curve

Just as it says above. I’m reading and following the instructions but it won’t pause the song. I can use Google Assistant with them and can increase and decrease the volume but cannot pause or skip. Anyone know if this is a flaw or I’m doing something wrong?

Trying to use them with a Google pixel

Hi @evin.polack , have you tried a fresh pairing of the SoundBuds with your Google Pixel? Also how long are you pressing the buttons for play/pause and to use track skip?

This is the first time I’ve ever paired them but I can try again. I have tried many different lengths to no avail

Sorry to say but this is an inherit problem with android all in itself. Android has always had issues with skipping to the next track or going back a track with wired and wireless headphones. It all depends on what media player you are using and how it’s interpreting the incoming signal. I use to use an app made for jaybirds that allowed me to use the buttons as they were meant to be, but ever since I got the zolo plus they have been working great to skip or repeat tracks. Maybe possibly try using a different media player?


@ndalby @elmo41683 Thank you so much for your quick response. @evin.polack Please kindly find the button features as follows:

  1. Multi-function key
    Short press to play or pause music
    Long press(1S) to enter Siri and voice command when connected

  2. Volume +/- buttons
    Short press +/- volume button to adjust volume
    Long press(1s) Volume + button to track forward
    Long press(1s) Volume - button to track backward

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us via Thanks

@evin.polack Try a soft restart on your pixel by holding the power and volume down at the same time and release both when the screen shuts off. Also as I’m sure you know play/pause is controlled by single quick tap of the middle multifunction button. Like @elmo41683 said it also depends on the mucic player you are using. I have the same headphones and they control google music, Spotify, SoundCloud and Pandora perfectly. There is also an app called headset button controller that will give you extra functionality.

There’s also an app called Android headset tester to test the buttons and mic. This app was designed for testing wired apple headphones functionality on Android devices but if memory serves it will also work with Bluetooth headphones. I gave my set of curves to my brother after receiving the zolo liberty+ otherwise I would have tested it for you. Let me know how it works out for you.