Pass-through or Daisy Chain

I understand most if not all of your external portable chargers can not take a charge themselves and provide one at the same time. Is there any plan for products that can take an initial charge themselves an then convert into a Pass-through/standby state so a secondary or more could charge. This would be an excellent feature for groups traveling with limited resources, or to allow them to be left to charge while out for a day or two with an already charged device. Think large outings convention professionals, campers with small solar setups. It would be great to leave portable chargers in line to accept a charge once the one up stream is full.

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Or how about a way to use my mobile to charge another?

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I do not see this being a safe option unless using USB type C, with that being said it is possible if your device supports OTG.

Anker OTG? Iā€™d buy one

This is not necessarily true. Some do, in particularly the newer PowerCore units I believe. Check with Anker Support for a definitive answer however.

I have both the newer models of PowerCore 26800, the + with Quick charge and the other new model with dual inputs w/o. Neither will.