Paperweight USB hub holder

I suggest that Anker sell a holder for Anker USB hubs that is heavy and has a nonslip pad on the bottom.

3M has, for decades, sold desktop paperweight tape dispensers. Here’s an example:

Scotch deluxe desktop tape dispenser C-40

Due to its weight and a non-slip pad glued to its base, it stays put on your desk. It’s made from inexpensive plastic, and it’s filled with something (I believe it is ordinary sand) to give it some weight.

I would like a holder made exactly the right size for an Anker desktop USB hub such as an Anker 7-port USB hub A7505112. The holder would be a bit heavy (with sand inside) and the hub would snap into it.

For travel, USB hubs should be lightweight. For a desktop USB hub, I would really like one that would stay put, even if a heavy USB cable pulls on it somewhat.

If this is just too “niche” of a product, you could simply publish a design for 3D printing, and someone could either 3D print their own or hire a commercial 3D printing service to print one.

Already partly done

Good luck dude

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